• logo_0028_tvri


    As an entertainment oriented channel, TVR int’l has a wide range of programs, delivering news, movies, talk shows and many other programs appealing to a global audience.

  • logo_0027_antenai


    Antena Int’l delivers a blend of entertainment programs ranging from the latest news to talk shows, sports, comedy shows and much more.

  • logo_0026_protvi


    ProTv International is dedicated in maintaing a connection between viewers and their home country through news, quality entertainment programs , modern classic films and soap operas, as well as interactive programs designed especially for Romanians abroad.

  • logo_0025_realitatea


    Realitatea TV is a news channel delivering diverse programs focused on domestic and international relations. Its guiding principles are objectiveness, accuracy, and professionalism, delivered from a perspective which is global in both content and values.

  • logo_0024_tmc


    The Money Channel is the first business broadcast in Romania, and delivers information in all economic domains, along with a realistic analysis of both domestic and international business relations. 

  • logo_0023_n24

    N 24

    N24 specializes in new reports, presenting domestic and international news in a timely and objective manner.

  • logo_0022_speranta


    The mission of Speranta TV is to promote strong family values through worship and prayer, help develop good character through motivational sermons, and deliver a message of hope to Romanian families.

  • logo_0021_national


    National TV provides a full range of television entertainment programs to global Romanian communities. This channel broadcasts the best of general entertainment and the most up-to-date current events.


  • logo_0020_favorit


    Favorit Tv is a Romanian folk music channel, delivering a unique style of culture and music to its viewers. Authentic Romanian culture is portrayed through music and dance.

  • logo_0019_prima


    Prima TV delivers a full range of television entertainment to the Romanian community. It’s unique assortment of sports, drama, talk shows, and reality shows captivates the global Romanian audience.

  • logo_0018_kiss


    Kiss TV delivers the nation’s favorite music videos and the most popular songs from the heart of Romania.


  • logo_0017_kanald


    Kanal D is entertainment-based television, with broadcasts varying from citcoms, to comedies, movies and sports.


  • logo_0016_utv

    U TV

    U TV delivers a variety of music and dance from Romania. Viewers can watch the latest music videos and listen to their favorite songs on this unique music channel.

  • logo_0015_party


    Party TV delivers the latest celebrity news, entertainment programs,hit songs and music videos. This fun channel provides viewers with a variety of entertainment programs.

  • logo_tvrnews


    24 Hour News from the National Television

  • logo_0013_ctv


    Credo TV is dedicated in bringing high-quality Christian programs to every Romanian home.

  • logo_0012_b1

    B1 TV

    This channel presents pressing and sometimes controversial issues in the most objective way. Its main purpose is to provide information, not restrict it.

  • logo_0009_ddtv


    DDTV second channel, marked by Dan Diaconescu. It is a program focused on political debates, cartoons and movies that will most certainly captivate you.

  • logo_0008_etno


    ETNO TV is the only television program that provides mostly folklore and popular music.

  • logo_0007_taraf


    Taraf TV is a television channel that broadcasts music videos of manele and fiddle singers exclusively from Romania.

  • logo_0006_trinitas


    Trinitas TV reflects on different theological and spiritual aspects in the lives of religious communities, as well as main events of civil life such as(national holidays, European events,cultural exchanges)and many others.

  • logo_0005_neptun


    Since 2007, Neptun TV started broadcasting via satellite, and once with this very bold move, the station’s popularity grew at a rapid pace and nationwide. Constantenii know very well that this station has been close all these years. Neptun TV news broadcasts, sports and entertainment, house by house and captured the attenction of every segment of the population.

  • logo_0004_tvr3


    TVR3 is a new public television station in Romania. As the first dedicated national station,it has numerous local production studios: TVR Iasi, TVR Craiova, TVR Cluj, TVR Timisoara and TVR Targu Mures . The southern part of the country is covered by the central studio productions. Weekly programs are informative and entertaining, designed for a mature audience. On weekends, TVR3 features programs for children,concerts, movies and travel documentaries. TVR 3 is devoted to national minorities and programs, and is subtitled in Romanian.

  • logo_0003_cultural


    TVR Cultural is a public television channel in Romania, launched in 2002, who broadcasts mainly cultural programs. TVR Cultural is the only TV station in Romania that offers the public a daily news program and shows dedicated to cultural phenomenons. Romanian films for television, documentaries and archives of current classical music, along with educational programs and cultural debates,are among the key components of this channel.

  • logo_0002_rtn


    RTN is a channel dedicated to the Romanians abroad. Most broadcasts are made in the original RTN Studios in Chicago


  • logo_0001_gsport


    GLOBAL SPORTS is dedicated to broadcasting sports events and sports talk shows.

  • logo_0000_rsc1


    RSC 1 broadcasts to all ages and tastes, bringing five of the best television channels in Romania.
    Prima TV – news and entertainment
    B1 – Romanian movies and talk shows
    RTN – sports competitions and programs
    Neptun TV – Entertainment from the Black Sea
    Etno TV – Romanian folk music and music party